The one page Introduction has been restructured and modified slightly.

  • The “What is design?” section of the Introduction has been simplified and moved to it’s own subpage
  • The “Why we need biomimicry”  and “What is biomimicry” sections remain the primary content of introduction but their order has been reversed from previous structure; the intro now begins with “What is biomimicry” (makes a lot more sense that way, eh?)
  • A link to the Tree Media Biomimicry  film in the ‘Introductory Videos” section has been added
  • NEW “Biomimicry and other bio- terms” section added to “What is biomimicry” discussion; includes links to articles by Terrapin Bright Green and Biomimicry for Creative Innovation.
  • The video story about how whales change climate has been moved and is now part of the Earth’s Operating System section.

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