Case Studies

In-depth profiles of biomimetic products.

The following case studies were written by the Biomimicry Institute and/or our collaborators and provide in-depth stories behind the development of biomimetic products. Click the cover image to download the PDF.

ORNILUX: Bird Protection Glass

Window glass that prevents bird collisions by mimicking the UV reflective qualities of spiders’ webs.

PureBond Technology: Wood Glue Without Formaldehyde

Wood glue that doesn’t use formaldehyde based on the protein chemistry of the blue mussel’s byssus threads, which are used to attach the mussel to wave-battered rocks.

Entropy: Non-Directional Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles featuring a random, non-directional pattern and gradations of colors based on the pattern diversity of a forest floor.



PAX Water Technologies

Propeller technology based on a recurrent form in nature, the centripetal spiral, which greatly improves efficiency.


REGEN Energy

EnviroGrid™ is a wireless energy management solution based on “swarm logic” that is quickly installed and can cut a property owner’s electric costs 5-10% or more.


Sharklet is a synthetic surface, inspired by the skin of sharks, that deters colonization by certain disease-causing microbes through the use of texture.


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